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    reduce costs

    Durable and space saving.

    The folding plastic box is durable and has a long service life, which can reduce the procurement cost in the long run; it meets the standardization requirements and can be used in conjunction with plastic pallets, shelves, forklifts, etc. Reduce the cost of warehousing and reshipment of empty containers.


    Ingenuity quality

    Sturdy and durable, one year warranty.

    In-depth industry, independent research and development, innovative design, and obtained dozens of national inventions, utility models and appearance patents; firm structure, more pressure resistance, high load bearing, high frequency service life of more than 3 years. The products have been inspected by our company and sampled by authoritative third-party inspection companies, and we promise a one-year warranty and lifetime after-sales service.


    Quick response

    Powerful manufacturers, perfect service.

    Our company has more than 50 automatic injection molding machines of various types, with an annual output of nearly 100 large and small molds and over 6 million turnover boxes. Short lead times.


    Intelligent management

    Manufacturing upgrade, traceability management.

    Big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies promote the integration of modern logistics and intelligent manufacturing. The foldable plastic box is embedded with a chip or affixed with an RFID tag, and it becomes a carrier of information. With an intelligent system, flexible, integrated, digital and green management can be realized, whether it is internal turnover, warehousing, or It is transported to upstream and downstream enterprises and can be used.



Brand new material, long life. Upgrade the structure without falling apart. Innovative stacking, no stacking. Folding design saves space. Intelligent management, more efficient.

  • 01. Adopt pin-type patent design, solid structure.

  • 02. Displacement stacking, tilt 30 degrees without stacking.

  • 03. Part of the gas-assisted process is used, and the whole is more sturdy and durable.

  • 04. Different folding methods save space and effectively reduce storage and transportation costs.

Products Recommended

ZNKIA has more than 20 years of experience in product research and development, injection molding and production of plastic folding boxes, folding baskets, coaming boxes, vertical storage boxes and Plastic EU crates. It has always been determined to promote recyclable packaging, effectively reduce packaging waste of goods and save customers operating costs.
We also wholesale Plastic Foldable Auto parts box, storage bins which mainly used in storage automobile and parts, major and small home appliances, medicine, commercial circulation, distribution and warehousing. The turnover is convenient, the stacking is neat, and it is easy to manage. The product is resistant to oil, acid and alkali, with low conveying noise, and is suitable for ambient temperature from -18°C to 65°C. There are also 800 series, 760 series and other models of folding boxes and folding baskets, which can also be used for storage and turnover of auto parts, plastic or metal parts, electronic products, etc., with high bearing capacity and long service life.

  • full life cycle

    The whole box adopts an all-plastic design, and the parts can be replaced after being damaged; parts without metal, ceramics and other materials can be completely recycled when they are scrapped as a whole, and do not need to be disassembled.

  • Positioned in low-carbon packaging

    Consider the functionality, economy and safety of the product, and the more times it is used, the longer the time, the lower the cost per use, and the higher the utilization of resources.

  • unitized transport

    With standardized design, it can be widely adapted to pallets on the market, helping users to achieve consignment transportation and multimodal transportation.

  • Ergonomically designed

    Easy to handle, flat-bottom design, can be embedded with chips or RFID tags, and is also suitable for applications in automation and intelligent scenarios.

Application Scenarios

Auto parts electronics usage scenarios

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