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    Storage function

    Different sizes, various choices.

    The size of the folding storage box should be suitable, which is convenient for organizing items and can reduce the volume when not in use. The length and width of the ZNKIA folding box are 530*365mm, 600*400mm, 650*440mm, the opening height is above 300mm, and the folded height is within 95mm, which can save more than 2/3 of the space.


    beautiful design

    Reliable material, convenient and beautiful.

    Look at the structure design, materials and aesthetics of the folding sorting box. The positive base folding storage box adopts a pin-type design, and the overall load-bearing is strengthened; it adopts a new PP, which meets the requirements of food-grade packaging and has a long service life; it can be customized with individual colors, and can be printed with LOGO and text patterns to meet individual needs.


    Easy to access

    Open door design for easy access.

    The ZNKIA foldable storage box is designed with an openable door. It is not necessary to open the upper cover to access the goods. When stacking up and down, there is no need to remove the upper storage box. The side door can be opened to directly access the goods, which is more convenient.


    With wooden cover

    Camping outdoors, one box is multi-purpose.

    The folding storage box can be equipped with a cover or without a cover, and can be replaced with a customized wooden "cutting board", which can be used as a cutting board when outdoors, put some fruits, and can also be used as a coffee table for leisure activities such as playing cards and reading books.



Brand new material, long life. Upgrade the structure without falling apart. Innovative stacking, no stacking. Folding design saves space. Intelligent management, more efficient.

  • 01. Adopt pin-type patent design, solid structure.

  • 02. Open door design, no need to move to store and store goods, which is more convenient.

  • 03. Folding can save about 75% of the use space, effectively reducing storage and transportation costs.

Products Recommended

Plastic storage box that can store clothing, toys, snacks and other household items, can be put in the trunk of the car, and can be taken out for camping, fishing, picnics. If you don't use it normally, you can fold it up to save space.

  • full life cycle

    The whole box adopts an all-plastic design, and the parts can be replaced after being damaged; parts without metal, ceramics and other materials can be completely recycled when they are scrapped as a whole, and do not need to be disassembled.

  • Positioned in low-carbon packaging

    Consider the functionality, economy and safety of the product, and the more times it is used, the longer the time, the lower the cost per use, and the higher the utilization of resources.

  • unitized transport

    With standardized design, it can be widely adapted to pallets on the market, helping users to achieve consignment transportation and multimodal transportation.

  • Ergonomically designed

    Easy to handle, flat-bottom design, can be embedded with chips or RFID tags, and is also suitable for applications in automation and intelligent scenarios.

Application Scenarios

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