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Vegetables & Fruit


    Origin picking

    Meets food grade packaging requirements

    The direct mining mode from the origin can compress the product circulation link and reduce intermediate costs, while the folding plastic turnover basket meets the requirements of food-grade packaging, and is also convenient for fruit farmers to pick, transport, stack, and transport with pallets, and play an important role in circulation and storage.


    Sorting and warehousing

    Automated application, intelligent management.

    The plastic folding basket adopts a flat-bottom design, and its appearance and size meet the standardized requirements. It can be used with automatic equipment such as sorting equipment, conveyor belts, and stacking robots. It can be equipped with chips, RFID tags, etc. to achieve intelligent and information-based management.


    Pre-cooling cold chain

    High and low temperature resistance, traceability management.

    ZNKIA's foldable plastic turnover basket can generally be used for 3 to 5 years in the environment of -18~65 °C, and is suitable for use in the fresh cold chain; if customers have special requirements for temperature, they can also be customized according to needs.


    Long-distance transport

    Pressure bearing, not easy to fall apart.

    ZNKIA pressure-resistant folding plastic baskets, a single basket can bear 15~25KG, can stack 8-10 layers, and is suitable for long-distance transportation of more than 1000 kilometers.


    short-distance delivery

    Transport with luggage, saving manpower.

    The folding basket is ergonomically designed and conforms to general standards. It can be used with standard pallets and forklifts to achieve palletized transportation and multimodal transportation. It is more convenient and efficient to handle, and helps save time and labor costs.


    Shelf display

    Reduce basket dumping and control spoilage.

    Folding fruit and vegetable baskets can be used for stacking on the ground, or they can be directly displayed on the shelves. From the place of origin or processing plant to the supermarket store, it can be realized without turning the box or pouring the basket, so as to effectively control the spoilage rate of fruits and vegetables, reduce the generation of fresh waste, and improve economic benefits.



Brand new material, long life. Upgrade the structure without falling apart. Innovative stacking, no stacking. Folding design saves space. Intelligent management, more efficient.

  • 01. Adopt pin-type patent design, solid structure.

  • 02. The dovetail tenon structure makes the side panels on both sides not easy to fall apart.

  • 03. The side wall bears more pressure and can be stacked 8~10 layers.

  • 04. Displacement stacking, tilt 30 degrees without stacking.

  • 05. The folding basket has a release function, which is easy to fold, usually saves about 75% of the space used, and effectively reduces the cost of storage and transportation.

Products Recommended

ZNKIA worked with customers to conduct in-depth research on industry needs and development trends, and successfully developed a recyclable packaging solution suitable for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, we manufacture type of Foldable plastic fruit crate and plastic vegetable crates,baskets. Widey used in Transfer Station, Supermarket and other commercial places.
ZNKIA realizing one-stop packaging services from fields to retail shelves, helping customers reduce storage and transportation costs. , to improve economic and social benefits.

  • full life cycle

    The whole box adopts an all-plastic design, and the parts can be replaced after being damaged; parts without metal, ceramics and other materials can be completely recycled when they are scrapped as a whole, and do not need to be disassembled.

  • Positioned in low-carbon packaging

    Consider the functionality, economy and safety of the product, and the more times it is used, the longer the time, the lower the cost per use, and the higher the utilization of resources.

  • unitized transport

    With standardized design, it can be widely adapted to pallets on the market, helping users to achieve consignment transportation and multimodal transportation.

  • Ergonomically designed

    Easy to handle, flat-bottom design, can be embedded with chips or RFID tags, and is also suitable for applications in automation and intelligent scenarios.

Application Scenarios

Origin, transfer station


Supermarket stores set up tables and piles on the ground.


automatic conveyor belt.

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